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avg cleaner pro apk

With AVG Cleaner Pro APK Cleaner, your Android gadget will run quicker and smoother, store more information, free up memory by cleaning garbage, and remain charged for more. AVG Cleaner is a keen gadget director and advancement instrument previously introduced by right around 50 million individuals.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK 2019 is an android application use for clean memory, erase records and delete all documents and application from your android portable that we don’t use at record-breaking.

By utilizing memory cleaner we can improve our versatile speed and clean space for photographs, music, recordings, and other android application.

avg cleaner pro apk

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Features

✔ Remove preinstalled applications – Remove pre-introduced applications to spare space and lift execution

✔ Get more space – Remove old records, uninstall applications, and erase awful or undesirable photographs and recordings

✔ Improve execution – Use Cleaner to clear store, evacuate garbage, and recognize applications that are hindering your gadget (RAM Cleaner)

✔ Longer battery life – Cleaner’s battery sparing component improves your gadget’s battery life

✔ Hibernate applications – Suspend foundation applications to drag out battery life and spare portable information

✔ System data – Everything you have to think about your telephone on one screen

✔ File chief – Smart File Manager and Storage Cleaner can investigate pictures, documents, and applications to enable you to amplify your Android gadget’s execution

✔ Junk Cleaner – Clean out any pointless garbage from your gadget for example reserve and application information


So far AVG Cleaner Pro APK , so good. Fast enough. No evidence yet of it deleting anything that negatively affects my OS or most fav apps. I lost a Windows PC once to a Cleaner and it cost $500 to recover the data. Super Cheap at $10/yr. Seems it was free not long ago. CON: I can’t believe it doesnt include ability for you to set the clock time for it to auto clean every 24 hours, along with interval of 24, 72, etc hours! ENORMOUS OVERSIGHT!!! I will certainly be the first to report back if I see any glitches.very satisfied with AVG Cleaner Pro app. minimal ads and does a great job cleaning and boosting RAM helps run things smoothly the best out of anything else I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend.

To be honest, I’m quite surprised. I thought this app would make my phone run slow, but no, It’s actually really helping my phone. It also makes my phone run fast! I don’t know if it actually cooled it down because my phone would always overheat at short periods of times, but now I can actually touch it! Though, because you installed the free version, there are many adds, but they don’t interfere. This avg cleaner pro apk cracked app will download another app, but that app is only to help it! A solid 10/10 from me


More Details Avg Cleaner Pro Apk Cracked

Having previously used this without issue, I’m experiencing the same problems as others. Bought the ad free version (for the last few years) and now it’s not sync’ing at all. Did try to contact AVG but got no response. May only be £3 something but I’ll now be contesting the payment due to lack of response. ** UPDATE ** after posting this review with a 1* and sending a request to their support team via email, instead of in-app, the issue has “fixed itself” apparently. Little suspicious after 2 months of it not working. Anyway, amending to 3* but avg cleaner pro paid apk have managed to prove to me that I probably don’t need the PRO version after all.


Better than the free edition. Really helps me keep my phone in order. I especially like the way it scans for similar pictures, identifies the best out of the bunch then allows you to decide whether you want to keep them, delete them, or send them to your own cloud. Definitely worth the $10 annually.

the best my phone would constantly battery drop s7 edge Samsung terrible by the way wouldn’t ever buy there piece of  again there maintanence is garbage there updates make worse avg saves my battery keeps phone stable fast and it’s free thanks avg for fixing Samsung and Samsung should be out of business period ripping off everybody there customer service is a joke and charging 500 to almost a grand for garbage and what about the pink line on the right side they don’t cover it but it’s common


WHAT’S NEW Avg Cleaner Pro Apk Full Version :

This release features a thorough update of our photo analyzer for improved stability and smoother operation.

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