BusyBox Pro APK is associate degree app that is the assistant of all the different apps. It's the
app that doesn't operate something on its own however it's an assistant of all the tasks that are
performed within the alternative apps on the devices. To note these apps are those that got to
download to own the necessary access.

BusyBox APK has claimed itself the “swiss army knife of embedded Linux’’,
terribly accurate on those record as this is often the gathering of the UNIX system codes that act
because the utility once the apps with the necessary access run on the screen.

BusyBox APK pro transfer is that the app that may be useful in running alternative files in your
devices you'll apprehend much concerning an equivalent in our post mentioned below.

APP INFORMATIONApp Name: BusyBox professional APK
Version: v68
Developer: Sir Leslie Stephen (Stericson)
Supported Version: Golem 4.0.3+
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018



  • BusyBox professional APK comes with the backup function for the safer installs.
  • With BusyBox professional there are choices for the uninstall feature.
  • It additionally provides Advance useful install feature
  •  It additionally handpicks the applets as per the wish.
  •  It comes with a security check for the missing applets.
  • It is the app that additionally provides overall support


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Read the contents of your USB storage.
  •  Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.
  •  Storage.


  • Requirements: 3.0 and up
  • Developer: Author (Stericson)
  • APK Size: 3.51 MB


  • Download BusyBox
  • We initial ought to have the stock-still in the device.
  • Then opt for the transfer of BusyBox.
  • Post that the app can allow premium user access.
  • To change the super user access, opt for the grants choice, and prepared.

You currently prepared for the installation.

BUSYBOX PRO you wished to play on the robot device. However
weren't ready to do identical, their square measure numerous form of games that may run on the
robot device however sometimes get clogged. It will be potential that the growth of the invention
isn't easy and straightforward method.

Most of the time it is crammed with hassles.
To avoid the matter of hassles, we've got a step forward with an answer app known as BusyBox
professional. This can be the app that doesn't operate severally. It's with the assistance of
BusyBox professional robot that you square measure ready to choose the smooth functioning of
all the different apps that need root. So BusyBox APK download will be the best choice for you.

Choose BusyBox professional APK transfer and have super fun with hassle-free play and
facilitation of straightforward downloads of the app on the device. You obviously can conjointly
allow us to understand if you liked the app. We intend to come to counsel the changes if any as
we are here happy to enhance.

BUSYBOX PRO have a positive impact Yes this app contain deceptive ads Is this content of the app in English My name is Ashutosh Amar Kamar Kushwaha I am in 3 std I have a two sister Both are big with me My big sister was stdy in 8 std And secend sister stdy in 7 std My big sister name is Ashmita And my Secend sister name is Anamika I Love My both Sister And I Love my Family Thank you I Love the BusyBox.

If you’ve ever used the terminal in Linux, BusyBox gives you that similar function by allowing your phone to do or take similar commands. Windows and Command Prompt? Same idea.

Most cell phones are just that, a phone. They don’t need a terminal that can take commands or a command prompt that can take commands. You might not need it, but the guy who gave you the custom Rom or root method to get you where you are now needed you to have it to make your root method or custom Rom flash even possible.

I love the choose your app version to roll it back, the custom pathway to store the applets where I want, and the advanced users smart install choice which is pretty much the quick and easy way to install. And thanks for keeping it updated!

Thank you very much. Don’t have any problem reported by the 1 star ratings… If you guys and girls want to blame someone when your modded Android phone doesn’t work, blame yourself and not the developers… 😉 Works fine since several years and regularly updated. Never had an issue with Stericson’s BusyBox.. Keep up the good work dude!

Excellent Edit: Not for JellyBean 4.1.2 since last few updates? If I update busybox to latest version, I have to restore my phone from previous Nandroid backup. HTC Sensation XE Z715e, unlocked, rooted, s-on, custom rom ViperS 5.3.0, JellyBean 4.1.2. ***** A must have app for a rooted device. Thank you dev, for such a good app.

Awesome installer Outstanding features i find useful: -Can uninstall from the same place where it installed the busybox binary and the symlinks, and most imortantly… -only install what you need – smart install -you get a choice to where to install the binary -informative manpage for each command.

First and best Busybox solution I’ve tried I loved the free version because it didn’t have ads nor did it nag you to buy the pro version. I ended up buying the Pro version to support the developer, as it is a very nice and well supported app. In my experience, this is one of the best apps for installing Busybox, and a must have for root users.

The best! This is a full-featured busybox installer and manager. Very professional and up-to-date! Although I had another busybox package installed, it was limiting the functionality of the SD Maid Pro app’s Overview and Databases features. Problem solved after installing Stericson’s package. Highly recommended!

I will give you 5 stars, the installer and features are very nice and busybox is, well, “busybox”. I hate to use a rating to force a new request and will not do it. Could you please add htop to the list of features in busybox? htop is so much better and easier to read than the standeard top command. Thanks!


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