Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk could be a series of manga drawn by Akira Toriyama has attracted an outsized variety of fans from everywhere the world. Gradually, the manga was custom-made into an anime of a similar name that highly regarded with the forged of Toei Animation. Moreover, it was purchased with copyright and translated into a range of languages to promote the planet.

This anime title has several components like Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Mod Apk, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Super, and therefore the latest Dragon Ball Heroes. If you’re a disciple of Dragon Ball, the sport you’re getting ready to introduce can cause you to fancy the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod tells the story of realizing the dragon ball journey from Songoku’s childhood. Once every mission, he meets new friends and he idolized by everybody and taught many alternative martial arts. Later, Songoku found his exact origin. He and his friends fight to guard the planet from the foremost powerful villains of the universe.
Over the years, the characters during this manga became legendary in each reader’s heart. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you’ll be a part of with warriors engaged within the battle to guard the innocent against evil intentions. Trunks and King Kai are the two storytellers who guide the operation and take you on all missions.

Unlike Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is that the 1st Dragon Ball theme game to use Match-3 puzzles.

The most content of the sport is that the battles between the most characters and therefore, the villains. However, the competition doesn’t focus an excessive amount of on the weather of action or RPG, yet instead; you may solve puzzles to attack opponents. As a result, the sport helps the player to play amusement gently whereas holding the content and characters of the manga.


On your screen is incalculable spherical Ki Spheres of various colors. Your task is to rearrange 3 Ki Spheres of the identical color to attack, defend, or increase power. The gameplay of this Linker game is comparable to Diamond Diaries adventure story, which suggests you employ your finger to swipe the screen to attach identical colored balls. Notably, every character has the distinctive strength and talent adore a distinct.

If you apply Vegeta, the harm you contend with enlarged once you use the yellow Ki, and at some purpose, the character can perform special attacks. Everything is feasible once you match the correct reasonably Ki with the character.


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod  gets sharp graphics and spectacular sound so individuals will live all over again together with your Dragon Ball time. As a result of not diminish the success of this game. Moreover, as to attract many players, producers continuously care regarding their merchandise daily. They need free the 4.0.2 update on July 08, 2019. To able to fix a number of the bugs that stay within the game consistent with every player’s feedback and to make sure that the player’s expertise is uninterrupted.

Thanks to the influence of the anime title of constant name and also the new means of enjoying. Dokkan battle unlimited dragon stones mod apk has received several installments within the app stores moreover as being enormously appreciated by the editors.

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE will undoubtedly be a game that produces you cheerful. With a natural game vogue and also the same anime series, this game can cue you of the time you watched it together with your favorite anime. It’ll be a helpful recreation tool for you.

So I like what this app is about but I’d like to see a couple things to make it an app I’d strongly recommend. First the character information is missing the categories. I cant see what categories each unit is a part of, which means I’d have to guess or go look it up. Second is more of a want then necessity, but I think it’d be amazing if we could make teams in the app.

It would give the users visual representation of what they may want to actually build in the game itself. Lastly the app has units from both jp and global dokkan but doesnt display a few of the ur units from jp like jiren’s awakening. Overall I like the app and these changes will make me want to spend more time on it.

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE IS Excellent app! Minor issue though – your copyright disclaimer states that all assets are property of your company and cannot be stolen; however, the arts and information are borrowed from Bandai Namco. Being that I love this app, I would hate to have to see it go for this reason. Please fix ASAP!

Great app, It’s perfect for both Global and JP. I started using this app right when the 4th year celabration dropped on JP, I used it since…It’s a great app for me, I’m glad that a friend recommended me this, being a hardcore dokkan player. I’m shocked that I didn’t hear of it sooner. Thanks for the app!

Really like the app and the flow of everything, very simple and minimalistic approach. However, one thing that is a deal breaker for me is that when you view the cards it does not have the name of the card anywhere to be seen. I understand you can search for them, but I’d really like to see the name of the card on the card.

Also, I was really hoping that cards would have the dokkan card order too, such as click on an LR card and it let’s you choose the card that had to be dokkaned to get LR and you can see all cards in the dokkan process. This is useful for checking if your newly summoned cards can be dokkaned to LR. I would be very grateful if you could add these features. Thank you.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod  is the first time i will write a review because this app helped me strategize and know all the cards i need for my battle. Nice job devs if only google play has a 100 star rating i will give all stars to you. Just add one more thing. Add their power levels under the cards thanks.



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