Download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk OBB V1.30.0 (Auto Aim & Fire)

Garena Free Fire

Garena free fire among the prettiest, most preferred, and the majority of intriguing action as well as survival video games from the 111dots workshop for Android gadgets it’s available free of charge on Google Play as well as has been downloaded to numerous times by Android customers around the world and as always, we have actually decided to introduce most recent release for you

Free Fire – Battlegrounds

If you are an enthusiast of action and survival video unquestionably,  attracts your interest with build, layout, and also wonderful gameplay as well as it brings a remarkable or different experience of Android games.

In the game garena free fire, which was developed and built as a 3rd individual there are 30 players on a remote island, and also there will be just one victor [The brand-new upgrade has gotten to 50, and this number might raise in future updates.] the victor of the field will certainly be a person who can endure the various other deadly concepts of players as well as obstacles.

In the garena free fire, which is designed as HD and also high graphics as well as information gamers have the ability to browse freely and also they can imitate a real individual to do different things!

Features of the Garena Free Fire Mod Apk:


  • The manufacturers were completely mindful of this opportunity as well as they capitalized well on it by producing one of the most specially created multiplayer gameplay that enables you to involve in battles with your buddies and also with individuals from all over the world. If you want to be the best then you have to defeat the best.
  • The manufacturers made sure to provide as well as develop one of the very best as well as most appealing gameplay which is developed using one of the most effective readily available graphics around that except as soon as makes you experience as if you are playing a digital game.
  • The gameplay actually lets you experience the excitement and journey of a real shooting world. The graphics ensure a smooth shift in the gameplay making it the very best experience that you will ever before locate on an Android tool.
  • User interface implies the simplicity with which the player can take pleasure in the fundamental attributes and gameplay of the video game. The user interface is what makes or breaks any kind of video game. The manufacturers were entirely knowledgeable about this fact and also this is the reason they created gameplay with among the most easiest gameplay with one of the most simplest controls that shall make sure that the game can be appreciated by everybody irrespective of their technical knowledge ensuring a larger customer base.
  • The manufacturers, in an effort to make the gameplay even extra interesting, introduced the principle of air fights and also air strikes. They additionally brought in the choice where you can check out the entire area and also search for much better high-quality tools that shall assist you to survive better in the thrilling gameplay.
  • Garena Free Fire gives you to create teams of 4 maximum players where you can engage in conversation with your teammates throughout the battles and also form the best method and strategy your next move in order to make certain survival and also a victory. Talk with your group throughout the real battle utilizing the microphone and afterward ultimately become the leader as well as lead them to success.

If you desire to be the best after that you have to defeat the ideal.
The makers made sure to produce as well as supply one of the finest and most appealing gameplay which is developed making use of one of the best-offered graphics out there that not for once makes you experience as if you are playing Garena Free Fire.

The manufacturers were entirely conscious of this truth and also this is the reason why they created a gameplay with one of the most simplest gameplay with the most easiest controls that shall ensure that the video game can be enjoyed by everybody irrespective of their technological understanding making certain a larger customer base.

What’s more in the Garena Free Fire Mod Apk?

Garena Free Fire which includes around survival in a battle prone territory in addition to 49 various other opponents, opting for the basic variation shall not supply you with anything competitive.

This is precisely where the Garena Free Fire Mod Apk comes into playing as it gives the individual with the remarkable advantage of reaching determine where to land using the benefit of objective. This suggests that you will certainly be able to determine the area where you will land in addition to your staff, eventually raising the possibilities of winning manifold.

The benefit of obtaining an aim while touchdown turns out to be game transforming and makes the mod apk a rational choice than the fundamental version of the game.

Garena Free Fire, Free Fire is an awesome game, and the only option for War game enthusiasts with low end devices. Just that I would like to see some changes. New features like the Launch Pad is really making the game more artificial and cartoonish. I would request you to keep the features of the game as realistic as possible. In the meantime, keep impressing us with unique things which no game ever has had! Thank You.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk 1.30.0

[Mega mod]


Hi! Can you please make it possible to change what server you are in? Otherwise a great game! Please just increase the render distance? It’s not fun when the guy is running away, nearly dead, and just disappears! and there is a HUGE F***ING GLITCH that kicks you out of the game! 3rd time I have said it… just fix it please. I am also not the only one complaining about it.


I have a problem. When i play this game, the audio shut off when in mid game. And its too easy to kill or be killed because why do you have an auto aim on this game. When I aim randomly at a place. It spotted the player and put the crosshair to the enemy.

I want Garena Free Fire fight. I have an idea. If a player have enought level, than the auto aim shut off. That will be a great idea. And lastly but not least, please make an auto ban for cheating player. If your game have one, please make it better.

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