Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Coins/Durability/Crafting)

last day on earth survival

Last Day on Earth  saw a scourge of an unknown infection that destroyed the majority the humanity. Moreover, it didn’t stop there. Last Day on Earth Survival Modded APK game is about all those dead started turning into zombies. And also the people a few survivors that have resistance in their blood try to survive on the ruins of the once beautiful world.

Moreover, currently, the survival of your character is barely in your power. Keep an eye fixed on your character’s life stats like hunger and thirst. Collect valuable resources for crafting, produce weapons and transport of various sorts or use what you have got at hand: a bat or a road sign.

Everything can are available handy for killing dozens, hundreds, thousands of zombies!

Last Day on Earth Defeat intruders your land together with your power. However, conjointly crafty – construct fortifications with traps or raid different survivors’ territories for the sake of rare loot and resources. In the end, folks will do something to survive.
Hardcore fans can have lots to try and do in robust seasonal locations.

Before planning to a desperate trip, equip your survivor with the foremost crushing weapon to hunt wild animals and destroy crowds of mutated zombies. One will reach seasonal location on a transport that’s accessible for crafting. What is more, if you pass the wall on the west of the map, you’ll enter a web location.

With a unique costume on, you’ll be able to move with different players.


Genres: Games
Version: 1.12.3
Developer: K-MOBILE
Requires: 4.1 and up
Size: 197.5 MB
MOD options: Free Craft


Last Day on Earth  offers the tower read that makes it a lot of more natural to ascertain the items around. The setting has sensible attention to details and vivacious colors.

The things even have sufficient information; however, it’s not excellent. There are 2 graphics choices out there within the game, Low and radical. If you wish the most straightforward graphics, then you ought to use the extreme Graphics.


⦁ Sector seven encompasses a new kinship group location Outpost.
⦁ The situation permits to put workbenches and chests.
⦁ Every three days, the case gets utterly destroyed by a tropical storm.
⦁ Survivors will collect resources behind the Wall.
⦁ Axe, Pickaxe, close-in fighting weapons, Backpack, further Pocket square measure supplemental to Sector seven.
⦁ Game balance improved.
⦁ Recipes of guns and armor modified following the balance enhancements.


⦁ “Last Day on Earth Survival APK” installs it on your device.
⦁ “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder “android/ obb” copy into.
⦁ Enter into the sport.

Last Day on Earth Survival apk mod could be a superb game, and its heaps of content that permits you to play the sport for months while not losing interest. The competition has excellent gameplay with a novel crafting system that makes the game more robust and fun to play.

It conjointly has well-optimized controls, and excellent graphics, the sole space wherever it’s lacking is that the combat. In our opinion, in battle, there ought to be some reasonably quick animation to register the actions. Overall, it’s a good game for those that like survival games with heaps of challenges. We tend to suggest it.

Last Day on Earth  but the issue I have is the fact that you can’t make or build a lot of things despite already having unlocked them. Seems the devs aren’t willing. I’ve done Alpha bunker and the Police dept. countless times. Seems like I’m spinning my wheels a bit.

Ash plank, tungsten,sulphur plus a few others and the crank shaft isn’t available vYET !!!! LDOE has and still is running Beta. Seems to me like it’s never going to happen. I’m downgrading my star rating

hands down best survival game there is on the market. lots of options and very fun to play. BUT unless your willing to spend good money get used to not playing as long as you like and dying alot. Alot alot. So much so this is the second edit i have done on my review.

I literally die no matter what in almost every encounter and i can even self heal for christ sake. On the verge of deleting the game honestly. In response of developer reply. I shall stick around and see. Thank you.

Last Day on Earth  is amazing, but the company is an absolute FRAUD. I have emailed them an endless amount of times, no one has ever gotten back with me.

I’ve had to make two new accounts because their servers are buggy, and the game is constantly crashing on my phone, despite my other mobile games never having this problem. Trying to get a hold of Kefir support is a nightmare, and uninstalling the game just erases all your data you spent hours working for. Just don’t play to win, is all I can say.

Overall the game is fun, it takes some strategy to survive a long time in this game. There are a few issues later in the game like not being able to build certain things in game due to it not being available yet so your stuck at a stand still until the game developers finally decide to give us titanium!!!!! Like come on man/woman!

An adventurous, creative and a way too difficult game. The controls are well-done. I judt lost good stuff, because of the damn infected bull… And i don’t want to get the recourses for crafting again and go to the farm again and die again. First loot is gone when you die two times in a map. How? Raider and Zombies work together!? seriously? Logic?

Last Day on Earth is Great if you just get what’s necessary to survive. If you try to do red zones you will have a 70% chance of die and if you do you can’t recover any of your stuff. It will be better if the developer give us at least 5min. to recover what we lose when we die,Energy should be restored to 100% when you die and revive. If you purchase a crate in the store it will be great if you get the complete crate. Combine weapon of the same type to add the life left to your actual weapon will be a great idea


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