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MX Player Pro

MX Player APK is that the most generally used picture show and MPEG4 player besides the preinstalled players. The player offers additional management associate degree options for its users, whereas observation movies on an android device. Merely place this video player offers additional flexibility compared to VLC provided. This app is the best MX Player.


MX Player Pro  just ought to have purchased subscription of mx unit professional to update victimization APK file. MX player free version has so many features to enjoy. MX Player’s options embody Hardware acceleration, Multi-core decryption, Subtitle gestures, and plenty of additional. If you don’t wish to shop for, then you can use the quality version of mx Player still. It freely offered on the Play Store. You should also download the MX player pro APK to enjoy all features of it. It will do everything the default Video Player app will do. It additionally comes with many further options that are helpful.


MX Player Pro professional supports nearly every well-liked codec and video format AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WebMD, WMV, XVID, and more. If you are playing unsupported file, MX Player can prompt you to put in a further free codec pack which will presumably solve the difficulty. MX player old version is also helpful for you.


MX Player professional conjointly has excellent support for subtitles. Not solely will it handle multiple subtitle tracks, text styling, and text coloring, however, it will scan quite a dozen different subtitle formats: Social Security Administration, SMI, SRT, SUB, IDX, MPL, TXT, and more. You’ll be able to conjointly use gestures to zoom text size, move text around within the screen, or perhaps skip forward/backward just in case it falls out of correct with the video.


MX Player Pro will stream video files over the web, like from cloud storage, as long as you’ve got the direct computer address. It will not flow from sites like YouTube while not tons of complicated trickery.


If you shut the app or stop playback within the middle of a video, then open it later, MX Player will resume from wherever it quit the last time or it will begin over from the start. It’ll raise you which of them you favor.


Alter this setting, and magnetic MX Player can keep enjoying your video though you minimize the app and switch to one thing else, permitting you to search one thing on the online.


Makes it not possible to reduce the app that is nice for once you play a video for your youngsters; however stop them from a gap up alternative apps and creating calls.


There are so many new features on the new version of MX Player APK.
⦁ Optimized graphics.
⦁ Clean statistics and Google analytics.
⦁ Multi-Languages.


⦁ Removed all languages except Russian and English.
⦁ Support for ARM and X86 processors.
⦁ Disable Analytics.
⦁ Take away redundant codes to create the applying quicker.


MX Player Pro

⦁ Replacing all active icons with colored ones.
⦁ Preferably utilized in the dark theme with all active buttons.
⦁ Replacing icons during a sensible lock once you bit the screen.
⦁ Renamed to MX Video.
⦁ Application optimization.

MX Player Pro  is best in the business but the new videos and music streaming feature makes it bad… Plz make a lite version or something like that, which only works as an video player with no extra useless features like video and music streaming. I get it most people enjoy that but not everyone wants to see those annoying notifications for shows and videos they don’t care about…

Too many ads. I just want MX Player to watch videos stored in my mobile. I don’t want to access any of your online content. Please keep them separate. I don’t want to ads while browsing for a video stored on my mobile. Will rate it again after the above mentioned changes are made. Play your ads while watching your online content but not my local content

layer and controls are great! The ads seem designed to be so annoying that users can’t stand them and will break down and but Pro. The have timed ads that you can’t click past after watching a video, which is unacceptable by itself. Also annoying are the ads that block the screen every time you pause. These can be clicked past, but if you are trying to find something specific so you keep pausing quickly, basically this company says screw you. I’ll quit the program before bowing to torcher. Bye

I like the app on my Sony Tv. But it looks like there is a Bug. I get a pop up saying to tap here for more online videos. But i can’t get it to clear out to Navigate the screen. And if I scroll to the bottom, the screen will flip to the side. Almost like the app thinks I’m on a phone. I’ll have to use a different app until this can be fixed.

when i downloaded the app it was perfectly fine then the next day it changed to a different version that took away customization and added a video section that I can’t use. When i e-mailed about this issue I received a pretty canned response and no resolution. About 2 weeks later and my issue still persists, and they have still yet to reply to my email.

MX Player Pro  was really good before some days but now videos of ads are crashing all of a sudden and it isnt also getting closed, either it doesnt have the option or it crashes the whole system by hanging up. Some of the videos which we download do not also show up in the player. Please do rectify the situation before we users find something else better than this.

MX player has always been my favorite video and audio player, thanks for all the work put in to make the app better. I have one challenge asides the unnecessary ads, when I play a file in the background or with my screen tuned off, after a while the audio stops playing. I hope you get my complaint. Thank you very much.

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