Pixel Gun 3D v16.6.1 (MOD Unlimited Bullets)


It is not just merely another shooting experience. Pixel gun 3D mod apk unlimited coins and gems will start by getting a mine during a lobby, get awards from the craft, play exciting mini-games. Produce your tribe, build a single fort, and vie with entirely different maps on the day and night on your mobile device.

Pixel gun 3D pocket edition mod apk is a softback book for mobile devices. Currently, you have got the correct chance to fight together with your friends, classmates, and colleagues or anyone else around the world. You’ll produce and customize your character employing a particular skin maker so show it on the battlefield. It can be a useful pocket Federal Protective Service shooter for all kinds of players.

Pixel Gun 3D


• Worldwide and distinctive native map of various sizes and sizes.
• If you wish to crush somebody with a knife, then use Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle.
•Golden Desert Eagle and Light saber, from natural weapons to varied weapons
• Up to eight players
• Currently chats are available. Discuss with friends in the war.
• Exciting expertise of the game that may extremely attract you.


Show your skills and become the last survivor. Battle Royale mode presents you with massive scale battlefields crammed with wealthy loot and ne’er ending action. During this madness with dozens of players be happy to ascertain everybody within the fireplace.

• Up to four players in one game.
• Chat is additionally available.
• Eight special maps.
• Hardcore gameplay.
• Coins as prizes for high results.

In this story mode, your character is “face-to-face” with a crowd of corpses assaultive from all sides. Police and robbers, several enemies of Nurse and SWAT members will also be there. You have got to wipe them out. Otherwise, you ruined.
Your sole job to kill your monsters isn’t simple. Don’t grow the seeds of worry in your head. If you avoid all attacks of the dead, then you’ll face associate Evil Zombie boss during this mod. When creating her intermixture, you open the portal to successive battlefields. Begin your competition.


• A replacement coaching camp for the primary timer.
• A lot of elaborate graphics.
• New cool maps like seeds packed with seeds.
• Cool new songs
• More robust gameplay: currently you’re unable to travel through the enemies and varied individuals. Be careful with slender passages and lanes.


⦁ A replacement summer Battle Pass, a lottery for journey seekers and an incident with mister.
⦁ you will have many skins for your favorite guns;
⦁ Gallery of arms. Gather collections, receive rewards and take a look at weapons at the polygon;
⦁ Task book with a lot of cool prizes;
⦁ Multi-account that permits you to form up to 3 characters;
⦁ Auto-shooting and aiming help;
⦁ Checkpoints in raids, mounted several bugs and enclosed even a lot of enhancements.


⦁ “APK” install it on your device.
⦁ “com.pixel.gun3d” folder “android / obb” copy into.
⦁ Enter into the sport.
Make up your mind concerning the gun, although you’ll like a bow or a knife and polish your killing skills. Perform at your best and share your high score on Facebook and Twitter.

Pixel Gun has come a long way and has had its fair share of good, and bad times. The reason why I voted 2 stars is because I miss the old version.

The “Farm Coins/Gems.” Not the “Buy this and get 5k coins and 2.5k gems!” It kills me to see one of the best Mobile FPS games turn into a Pay2Win experience. Please cubic.games, for the sake of the players, bring us back to the good old days.

This is a very interesting game. Some of my views is that I think that the mainland Battle Royale should extend more, so to have more time+ space to roam about.Also, try reducing the amount of space used for the game as it takes up a lot of it.Lastly, buying expensive weapons is too much as it cost lots of coins

. I advice to reduce the cost so to be fair.Thank you n keep up the good work! Best game I’ve ever played while having so much fun.

Great game, I would give it 5 stars, but, Something that changed, made a BIG difference, Before, in campaign, if they damaged your shield it wouldn’t count as taking damage, now that that’s changed, it feels a little different, don’t you think? This is my personal opinion.

I don’t now if you changed this for balancing reasons, to make the campaign a bit more challenging, Who knows. Reading some other reviews, I agree that you shoul get more coins in battle and with each level up, maybe… +25%?

This game may look like Minecraft, but it’s pretty much completely different, with fast pace action, and skilled players fighting against you, plus unique maps, a HUUUGGEE variety of weapons, and different unique modes, plus the fact that it’s always changing, and getting better, makes this first person shooter game one of the best out there. Maybe it’s cubed, but it ain’t no Minecraft.

I would give a five star if I could move, four if people would stop going across the bridge on the sniper only map. still the gameplay is good but I wouldn’t say great because I lost a 3 or 4 year old account and I lost all my good weapons and armor which made me a big target for easy kills. still I’m keeping the game after this review. let’s hope this all gets better.

This game has changed alot. Some changes are good,and others are… Meh… At least it’s still standing,and you know what? I’m glad! Although the matchmaking system is still not good because it’s not based on how many levels someone has. Although,I did experience something… Weird… …Earlier.

When I selected the Gallery. (Which is a pretty cool idea tbh) When I looked at my collection,the game had a visual glitch. Easter Egg or glitch?

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